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My camera is a tool that enriches my life, sharpens my vision and helps me see what I would otherwise not see.


I am fascinated by the human experience in all its formats, looking for man’s interaction within society and culture. I look for stories, be it an individual or a group, captivated by different and unknown worlds. Through the lens, I investigate and study the place, its culture, and people. This curiosity brings me to places that without my camera, I would not have ever been exposed to.  A mélange of cultures, religions, and rituals connected in a new world, where I find myself completely enchanted.


The camera is the direct physical link between the eye and the soul, whereby photos reflect the reality from their point-of-view and at the same time tell a story about me and what I would not ever have seen, were it not within the range of my lens.

My photos deal with people and the human condition and through them; I define and clarify my place in this world.

I'm a street, culture, documentary photographer

Efrat Sela Photographer


-  Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) B.Sc.T.E\ - Graduated with honors.

-  Tel Aviv University - Interdisciplinary Program in the Arts,  toward an M. A. Degree -Tel Aviv University

-  Academic photography course - Prof. Boaz Tal Ph.D, Art Photographer, Lecturer, Curator 

-  Long-term Documentary workshop - Ziv Koren, Professional photojournalist

-  Portfolio workshop - Yair Barak, Photographer artist, lecturer, curator.

-  Photography Essay - A project directed by ProfMiki Kratsman, photojournalist, Artist, and activist.

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