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Children are photographing Life - ZOA Gallery - Tel Aviv

Photography exhibition by the children of 'Haim' association, who documented their lives with "Photogroup" and Alex Levac The Journey started 3 years ago when photographer Alex Levac was documenting the lives of children with cancer in their natural surroundings, and continued with the special collaboration between 'Haim' association for children with cancer and "Photogroup", headed by Amir Chodorov."Photogroup" conducted photography workshops for the association's children, where they were exposed to the photography world.These meetings enabled the children to have a break from their harsh daily routines of painful treatments. This unusual experience enabled them to regain strength in order to continue their fight against the disease on the way to recovery. The photographs which are exhibited here, reflect the children's view point as it looks through the camera lens, and their moments of joy and hope as well as those of pain and sadness, as were photographed by Alex Levac and "Photogroup" members.


Efrat Sela, who initiated this collaboration, supervised the project together with Amir Chodorov, and curated the exhibition with Doron Pollak, the chief curator of the ZOA gallery.

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