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ICP - New York 
International Center of Photography

We Are Here: Scenes from the Streets
September 27, 2024–January 6, 2025

We Are Here, on view at ICP this fall, will spotlight street photography from over 30 international photographers, including Devin Allen, Shoichi Aoki, Farnaz Damnabi, Debrani Das, Romuald Hazoumè, Youcef Krache, Josué Rivas, Randa Shaath, Jamel Shabazz, Trevor Stuurman, Alexey Titarenko, and Nontsikelelo Veleko.
Through the work of these intergenerational and geographically disparate artists,
We Are Here
encourages an expansive re-viewing of "street photography." It opens up important discussions on how “the street” and public space are places of community, joy, and self-expression as well as advocacy, changing landscapes, and social dynamics as seen through the photographer's lens.

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